Industry Leading Technology & Data Sciences

Gazelle utilizes leading technologies, coupled with data analytics, to enhance safety, efficiency, reliability, and customer service. Gazelle believes technology and innovation provide a key competitive advantage – one that allows us to meet, if not exceed, the specific needs and demands of our customers.

Gazelle’s Central Logistics and Field Operations Management have the ability to provide superior support for our drivers and customers. By monitoring the location and performance of all equipment, Gazelle has the ability to utilize technology to assist the driver in resolving operational issues quickly and efficiently.

Industry Leading Technology & Data Sciences

Gazelle was one of the first companies in California to embrace fully automated electronic logs in 2004, and we continuously upgrade our fleet with the latest innovative technology – all with the goal of ensuring safe transportation of our product while providing real-time access to data for our customers.

There is satellite tracking and mapping of all trucks. Our in-cab driver workflow platform communicates job orders electronically to our trucks and returns order information to our back-office upon completion, which allows for a billing and ticketing process with immediate turnaround, and customer visibility.

Gazelle utilizes one of the largest technology Managed Service Providers in California to provide back-office support and security to Gazelle's technology infrastructure.

  • Maintains onsite IT Support that ensures continuous and uninterrupted service to our Central Logistics, and ensure protection of company and real-time access to data for our customers.Experienced drivers focused on safety, compliance, efficiency, and reliability to serve the customer.
  • Gazelle maintains a strategic partnership with our system service providers ensuring continuity and infrastructure integrity of software to improve Gazelle’s service offerings.
  • Gazelle has also implemented Lean Leadership Principles and lean Six Sigma to improve safety, customer focus, process thinking, and increased efficiency through continuous improvement all of our critical processes. This results in Gazelle being able to deliver enhanced services at competitive prices for all our customers.

Technology and Innovation are hallmarks of Gazelle which add value for our customers.