Gazelle Transportation operates and maintains our facilities and equipment to meet or exceed regulatory standards. Our employees receive regular, thorough training to safely operate and maintain equipment. Such attention to safety protects our employees, the public, and the environment. Every employee takes personal responsibility to be aware and comply with all environmental requirements. We want to go beyond the legal requirements to do everything we can to be good neighbors in the world we live and work. If any of our drivers notice compliance problems, either real or potential, we alert the customer immediately. It’s this reputation for maintaining a stellar compliance and safety record that fuels the growth of Gazelle Transportation.

Message from Ron Lallo, CEO

I believe that a commitment to safety starts with the owner of the company. Everything we do is focused on making sure our people get home safely every day. And when our people are safe, our customers are, too. As a member of the oil industry, we also feel a strong obligation to keep the environment clean. We strive to be recognized by the industry and the motoring public for safe and responsible practices. Thank you for trusting us with your business.