Gazelle is a leader when it comes to embracing, customizing and utilizing the most cutting-edge technologies available in the industry today. Gazelle believes technology and innovation provide a key competitive advantage – one that allows us to meet, if not exceed, the specific needs and demands of our customers. Take a look at how Gazelle is using technology, machine learning, and analytics to create a new innovative platform for the transportation industry:

Gazelle was one of the first companies in California to embrace fully automated electronic logs in 2004, and we continuously upgrade our fleet with the latest innovative technology – all with the goal of ensuring safe transportation of crude oil while providing real-time maximum transparency for our customers.  

There is real-time satellite tracking and mapping of all trucks.  Our in-cab oilfield driver workflow platform communicates job orders electronically to our trucks and returns order information to our back office upon completion, which allows for a transparent billing and ticketing process with immediate turnaround. 

Gazelle also maintains an onsite IT Support Group that ensures continuous and uninterrupted service and dispatch. They also design in-house programs and software to improve Gazelle’s service offerings.  Examples include mobile applications that enable effective collaboration between field operations, drivers, supervisors and customers, as well as track equipment usage throughout the field.

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Gazelle has also implemented a Lean Six Sigma program designed to continuously improve all of our processes.  This results in Gazelle being able to deliver customized solutions and enhanced service offerings at competitive prices for all our customers. 


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