We are not successful in any aspect of our business if we do not put safety first. Gazelle is committed to meeting or exceeding health, safety, security and environmental compliance standards. This commitment to providing a safe and secure workplace ensures that our employees’ well-being is always a top priority. We also never lose sight of our responsibility to the environment. Our aim is always to identify potential environmental impacts and act to avoid them. 


Gazelle utilizes state of the art technology to keep our drivers and the motoring public safe. Sophisticated “In Vehicle Monitoring Systems” provide drivers, dispatchers and management with real-time alerts when pre-established safety thresholds are exceeded. Enhanced roll stability and collision avoidance systems work in conjunction with the driver to significantly reduce vehicle incidents. 


Gazelle consistently ranks in the highest tier for safe performance and is the recipient of numerous safety awards including the prestigious California Highway Patrol STAR Award.  Our experience modification rate as a reflection of loss history is 48%, an anomaly which sets a benchmark for the transportation industry.


Safety – First, Last, Always, Every One, Every Day

  • Promote HSSE in all areas of the company 
  • Instill a “Goal-Zero” Culture.  Simply put, our goal is to deliver the best transportation and logistics experience, incident free.  
  • Ensure strict adherence to “Life Saving Rules” 
  • Comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and customer requirements 
  • Provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees with adequate facilities and appropriate protective equipment
  • Identify and analyze potential hazards and security threats, implementing measures to minimize risk 
  • Administer an efficient emergency response strategy 
  • Provide documented training for all employees 
  • Establish an effective HSSE Management System (HSSE MS) 


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Gazelle is known for going above and beyond when it comes to employing state of the art safety technology. Gazelle was one of the first tanker companies in the state of California to have fully automated electronic logs and a robust IVMS in every truck. In addition, 100% of the Gazelle fleet is equipped with enhanced rollover stability technology, first-in-class bicycle guards on all crude oil tank trailers and many other safety devices that set us apart from the competition. Gazelle raised the bar even higher by mandating all company power units purchased or leased after 2013 to be equipped with collision avoidance technology. 


Key safety features include:

  • Roll Stability Technology – Gazelle trucks are equipped with stability technology which enhances control and automatically corrects stability on dry, wet, snow or ice-covered roadways. 
  • Collision Avoidance Technology  Gazelle trucks have a radar sensor mounted to the front and right side of the vehicle. This collision avoidance system delivers both warnings and active interventions to help drivers mitigate rear-end collisions and right blind spot lane collisions. 
  • Spill Stop & Overflow Protection – All Gazelle equipment has overflow prevention. If the operator is incapacitated, the overflow prevention system will stop the transfer of fluid into the trailer, preventing an overflow. 
  • Bicycle Under Running Guards  Gazelle tanker trucks are equipped with side protection. These guards prevent pedestrians or motorcyclists from being swept under the vehicle.
  • Clean Air Diesel Engines -  Gazelle power units are equipped with the latest clean air Diesel engines that meet all current EPA standards.
  • SmartDrive In-Cab Video Transportation Intelligence and Driver Performance Monitoring – This best-in-class safety system, installed in all Gazelle trucks, helps prevent collisions, lower operational costs, and improve driver behavior and performance behind the wheel.  SmartDrive reduces risks, eliminates guesswork, promotes driver accountability and improves overall driving habits with comprehensive video coverage, prescriptive insights and predictive analytics. 

Providing customers with on-time, incident free crude oil transportation and logistics.


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