The Highest Regard for Public Health & Our Community

Gazelle operates and maintains its facilities and equipment to meet or exceed regulatory standards. As a long term business-partner of several, major oil companies, we embrace the standards they set forth for safety, performance, and care for our environment.

Every Gazelle employee takes personal responsibility to comply with all environmental requirements and is thoroughly trained to safely operate and maintain equipment. We proactively resolve issues to prevent incidents with environmental consequences.

The Highest Regard for Public Health & Our Community

Simply put, we, at Gazelle, go beyond the legal requirements to do everything we can to be responsible stewards of our environment and good neighbors in the world we live and work. If any of our drivers notice compliance problems, either real or potential, we alert the customer immediately and apply any necessary corrective measures. It’s this sensitivity to our surroundings and reputation for continuously improving our environmental compliance and safety record that fuels the growth of Gazelle and ultimately helps protect our employees, the public, and the environment. Gazelle is the first logistics company in California to transition over 10% of the company vehicles to Compressed Natural Gas significantly reducing emissions.

We believe our integrity and sincere commitment to those things that really matter will make the ultimate difference.