DOT Driver Application

Thank you for your interest in Gazelle Transportation.

Please take the time to complete the application as accurately as possible. To help us expedite your application, please follow the instructions listed below.

  1. lf a particular question does not apply to you, put N/A (not applicable) in the section that needs to be completed. Do not leave any sections blank.
  2. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY SECTION: The employment history section must be completed accurately. All employers, schools, military service, self-employment, and unemployment must be listed for a total of 10 years. Make sure there are no gaps in employment history.
  3. lf you are considered, employment is CONTINGENT upon successful completion of verification of current and/or past employment, verification of applicable CDL endorsements, Pre-Employment Drug Test and Breath Alcohol Test, Road Test, DOT Physical and Functional Capacity Evaluation, Driver Orientation and field training with a driver trainer including post-training road test.
  4. This position does not require a credit check as part of its Investigative Consumer Report.
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