Transportation & Logistics Services

Redefining Industry Standards

Harnessing over 25 years of midstream oilfield service experience and knowledge, Gazelle uses company-owned equipment to provide safe, compliant, efficient, and reliable service to meet customer requirements, ensure public safety, and protect the environment.

Gazelle’s fleet has the flexibility to run both short and long hauls for varied volume commitments. The company’s 24×7 Logistics center permits Gazelle to monitor and optimize all operations in real-time, thereby facilitating the highest level of customer service and most efficient, cost-effective use of Gazelle’s fleet and equipment.

In 2004, Gazelle was the first tanker truck company in the state of California to adopt and make standard fully automated electronic logs.

This was approximately 15 years before it became a requirement by the FMCSA. Enhanced roll stability technology is also standard on all our equipment, from tractors to trailers.

We believe that through enhanced driver performance, carefully integrated with advanced technology and logistics optimization we achieve sustainable, incident-free, high-performance operations.

Gazelle Transportation

Gazelle Offers Advanced Crude Hauling and Logistics Services Including

  • 3A top-tier, award-winning safety, and compliance record.
  • Experienced drivers focused on safety, compliance, efficiency, and reliability to serve the customer.
  • Operations processes and systems to ensure adherence to all health, safety, and environmental regulatory and customer requirements.
  • Drivers trained to drive defensively at all times and utilize feedback from in-cab camera systems to continually improve safe driving habits.
  • Drivers certified to gauge loads and comply with all customer requirements.
  • Utilization of data analytics to improve safety, compliance, and efficiency across the organization.
  • A large, standardized fleet, averaging less than 2-3 years of age.
  • Ability to haul over 50,000 barrels of crude per day.
  • Terminals with reliable 24-hour emergency road call assistance and service/facilities.
  • A centralized 24/7/365 Central Logistics function that provides optimal logistics planning and real-time adjustments to ensure quality customer service and driver support.
  • Automated ticketing process with immediate access to invoices and other billing documents.
  • Advanced, integrated technology on a scalable platform and with the capability to directly integrate with customer technology.