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Fluid Management & Waste Hauling


Gazelle's Fluid Management Division is redefining what is viewed as an inconsistent, low-tech business and replacing it with a service using the latest safety technology and product innovation creating overall reliability and stellar customer service.  Gazelle’s growing fluid management fleet includes vacuum trucks, bobtails, end-dumps, roll-off trailers/rocket launchers, 500 barrel tanks, poly storage tanks and roll-off bins. Contact us today about servicing your water, solid, and hazardous waste hauling and storage needs. 


  • Cross-division synergies:  Gazelle applies the same innovative approach and platform used in the company’s world-class crude oil transportation services in its fluid management.  Our approach is scalable, flexible and without compromise. 
  • Ready response fleet:  Gazelle has the ability to quickly meet changing operational requirements by cross-utilizing our company owned vehicles and equipment in crude transportation and fluid management divisions.  Gazelle’s fleet is one of the newest in the industry, which further improves reliability and on-time delivery.
  • Experienced personnel: Gazelle engages petroleum engineers to ensure our practices keep pace with the latest petroleum engineering technology.
  • Business changing technology:  Gazelle’s proprietary IT programs, software apps and tank fluid management solutions increase in-field efficiencies, lower downtime, improve inventory control and drive customer cost savings.  They are predictive, reliable and useful.
  • Best-in-class hose management and grounding/bonding systems: Standard Gazelle operating procedures include annual recertification and in-house pressure testing, use of high-grade fittings and identifying hose labels. 

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Vacuum Trucks and Bobtails 
Equipped with enhanced roll-stability systems (RSS), collision avoidance technology, active driving monitors (IVMS), electronic automated driver logs, tire pressure monitoring system, fluid level system, emergency overflow shutdown, bicycle-rack under carriage and continuity verification (Go/No Go).

500 Barrel Tanks 
Outfitted with GPS locating capability, inclinometers, portable pumps, and electric diesel start engines, these tanks are also designed to improve safety measures and reduce costs with tank monitoring devices that electronically read inventory levels, works off cellular data transmission, stores data on analytical processing platform and generates real-time customizable alerts, dashboards, scorecards, grids and SSBI.

Poly Storage Tanks
Built with larger tank capacity reducing the number of trips, these tanks feature two (2) tank design that allows for different fluids, GPS location tracking, electric start diesel engines and SIM friendly configurations.  They include a stronger than average platform that stabilizes tanks better in transport and at well site while also encouraging safer ergonomics.

At Gazelle, success is measured by providing the best overall value to our customers.  It is our people, innovation and technology that drive safe and sustainable service.

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