Our Difference

The Gazelle Difference

Gazelle’s business model is predicated upon a midstream service offering based on exceptional employee performance supported with advanced safety processes and systems, data-driven continuous improvement, equipment reliability, and a commitment to customer service.

By fostering a culture that focuses on incident-free service, efficiency, and quality, Gazelle provides service to many of the largest multi-national oil producers, a customer base that in many ways leads the charge on environmental awareness and applies best practice standards of safety and reliability.

Gazelle's Unique Strategy

Recognizing that the oilfield midstream service space is highly competitive, Gazelle seeks to differentiate itself by employing a value-creating growth strategy that:

  • Focuses on recruiting and retaining talent that produces operational excellence in safety, efficiency, and reliability​.
  • Uses a fleet of company-owned equipment with advanced engineering controls to ensure safety and reliability to create value for our customers.
  • Employs a Central Logistics capability and expertise to optimize plans and equipment to provide a competitive advantage in areas that are critically important to our customers – safety, reliability, communications, and continuous process improvement.
  • Provides solutions to our customers. Gazelle practices open and transparent communication with customers to ensure our service meets the exacting needs of the largest and most visible companies in the oil and gas industry – companies where safety, service, and reputation for corporate stewardship are key in the selection of service providers.
Gazelle Truck

Gazelle's Standards

In 2004 Gazelle was the first tanker truck company in the state of California to adopt and make standard fully automated electronic logs. This was approximately 15 years before it became a requirement by the FMCSA. You will also find that enhanced roll stability technology is standard, on all our equipment, from tractors to trailers. We believe that through exceptional employee performance support by integrated processes with latest optimal technology is the only way we can achieve sustainable incident-free operations. We invest in people, processes, performance metrics, and technology to set the industry standard for safety of employees and the public and to exceed customer expectations of reliability and service.