About Us

Gazelle Transportation, LLC

Years in the industry


Compliant with EPA

Gazelle has built a company foundation as the largest​ crude oil logistics service provider in California.

Harnessing over 25 years of midstream oilfield service experience and knowledge, Gazelle uses company-owned equipment to provide a safe, compliant, efficient, and reliable service to meet customer requirements, ensure public safety and protect the environment.

Gazelle’s fleet has the flexibility to run both short and long hauls for varied volume commitments. The company’s centralized Logistics function permits Gazelle to monitor and optimize all operations in real-time, thereby facilitating the highest level of customer service and most efficient, cost-effective use of Gazelle’s fleet and equipment.

Gazelle’s business model is predicated upon a midstream service offering based on exceptional employee performance supported with advanced safety processes and systems, data driven continuous improvement, equipment reliability and a commitment to customer service. By fostering a culture that focuses on incident free service, efficiency and quality, Gazelle provides service to many of the largest, multi-national oil producers, a customer base that in many ways leads the charge on environmental awareness and applies best practice standards of safety and reliability.

We believe that through exceptional employee performance supported by integrated processes with optimal technology is the only way we can achieve sustainable incident free operations. We invest in people, processes, performance metrics and technology to set the industry standard for safety of employees and the public and to exceed customer expectations of reliability and service.

Good business starts with good relationships. Many of these relationships have existed for over 10 years, and we constantly look for new partnerships to drive improvement in all areas of our performance.

For our customers, Gazelle’s employees are committed to:

  • Providing our customers with world class transportation & logistics solutions.
  • Treating all customers with respect.
  • Listening to our customers – from the field level up. Gazelle employees listen to our customers and are quick to incorporate recommendations or suggestions that support our continuous improvement process.

For our employees, Gazelle is committed to:

  • Providing a dynamic and supportive work environment for our employees to drive results and their own professional developement.
  • Encouraging continuous learning and continuous improvement personally and professionally in all aspects of life. From education to career development and retirement planning.