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The culture at Gazelle is made up of heart, passion, sheer determination, and drive to be the very best.  Gazelle is a process-driven company that supports a culture of constant and never ending improvement.  Our shared goals of honesty, integrity and safety are the foundation of our success.

Target setting and open communication are vital to our way of work. Regular training and exposure to best practices and advanced technology ensure we maintain our footprint and stay ahead of the curve.  On an individual basis, employees are encouraged to set personal and professional goals each year and schedule status updates with their managers and supervisors to make sure we are moving forward together.  

We are not interested in growing for the sake of growing, success is not measured by being the biggest.  When we anticipate the needs of our clients and create the best overall value for our customers, we know we are right where we should be.  Ultimately, it’s Gazelle’s “Can Do” spirit that has defined the company for over 25 years and continues to sustain the enterprise today.

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“We are raising the bar on everything we do, especially how we support and develop our most precious resource, our people.” 


In 2016, the company launched Gazelle 2.0, a strategic plan encompassing market, financial, product and people goals and objectives.  With every initiative, we ask ourselves 4 questions:

  1. Is this a haul to win, an endeavor that will help sustain the business?
  2. Does this business help fund our future and support the critical initiatives of our customers?
  3. Will this further our dependability as a business partner?
  4. Are we working together for the common good of our employees, customers, and community?

These questions help keep us focused and provide a road map for mission critical decision making.

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